Since time immemorial, making a coffee has been an art.

Precise rules have thereby to be fulfilling to succeed in it. The formula to get a perfect cup of express coffee is in fact, deeply articulated as well as high affected by the quality of the coffee machine.

Aiming to a successful outcome in term of indisputable quality as well as breathtaking tastefulness, it is necessary to properly combine three elements:

• An appreciated mixture.
• The appropriate use of available equipment’s.
• The wise ability and professionalism of whom prepares.

It isn’t true that is just necessary to have the right mixture because without other components we can’t do a good coffee cup.
The operator’s experience and capabilities, to follow procedures of preparation of the coffee and use of suitable machines, strongly influenced the creation of the small masterpiece.

That’s why professionals give a crucial importance to espresso machine and coffee grinder. Knowing and getting accustomed to them, maintaining them in perfect efficiency and employing them as much as possible, is an ability that belongs to the various teachers of the coffee.

The quality of a good coffee derives from a series of operations among which the grinding has an important role. The coffee grinder therefore represents for the operator one of the fundamental tools, whose structure must respond to determine characteristics that are sturdiness, resistance and functionality.

October 18, 2017
Over the last few months we have been trialling several espresso machines including the new BFC Aviator Espresso Machine and are extremely excited to let you know that we have never seen a better extraction than the one we’ve discovered on this beautiful machine.
After extensive trialling and research, we narrowed our search and created a shortlist of 4 machines. Not the 4 we considered were the best on the market but the 4 that we considered would be best to suit our needs.

At Black Velvet we have always used La Marzocco so to bite the bullet and look at something different was somewhat of a leap of faith. For years we used the Linea Classic in our stores and 3 years ago we switched to the Linea PB. The Linea has always been a workhorse and in large volume cafes like ours was the perfect fit. Did it worry us that the service from La Marzocco left a little to be desired? Nope. Did it worry us that the PB’s had never ending flow meter issues commencing within the first month of their working lives? Nope. Were we concerned about the increasing level and ongoing maintenance required with the PB? Nope.

Why not? Because we had a La Marzocco and they’re the best. The best. That’s what La Marzocco and the coffee industry have told us, so it simply must be true. Right?

Around 8-9 years ago, through brilliant marketing, La Marzocco became the industry standard. Everyone had to have one. Almost to the point that the perception was that one wasn’t taking their coffee seriously unless they were using La Marzocco. But is it really a better machine than all others or does the quality of the extraction depend on the level of coffee understanding possessed by the driver of the machine? I can tell you it’s a bit of both.

If there’s ever an industry governed by fads and the latest trends, it’s the coffee industry. If there’s ever an industry where the opinions of a few govern the actions of many, it’s the coffee industry.

The fact is that the status quo remains for only so long. Just until the next fad, product or machine comes along. And if that company does their homework and gets the right partners onboard then hey presto. Habits begin to change. Suddenly, everyone’s going crazy for the San Remo Racer, a magnificent machine, but if 5 years ago, I dared suggest to you to look at San Remo you would have laughed me out of your store.

One of the things that we have always found puzzling is how most cafes/restaurants claim to be unique yet all use coffee from one of a handful of roasters and almost all using the same espresso machine. The fact that your PB is bright blue rather than orange, like the cafe down the road, doesn’t really set you apart. Why not try something different? Why not be the first to try something that no one else is doing? Why not give yourself the opportunity to be followed rather than always being the follower?
So, back to the Aviator. We have been trialling the BFC Aviator for some time now and are excited that our 3-group machine has finally landed. It’s in our Exhibition St store and I can tell you that the extraction is astonishing. Usability is outstanding. Steam pressure, with a cool touch steam wand, is stunning and its 5-stage pressure profiling provides options that no other machine can provide. Does one really need 5 stages of pressure profiling? Who knows? It’s there if you want it. It’s also manufactured with a copper boiler. Yes, copper. Like they all should be.

The best part about these machines has nothing to do with any technical specifications. The best part is…it’s different. It’s unique.
Moreover, in a world where aesthetics is just as important as performance, this machine is available with a black or white powder coated finish and is a magnificent showpiece for your cafe.
If you’re interested in a closer look at these beautiful machines, then talk to us about trying Black Velvet Coffee extracted on the BFC Aviator. We can arrange a tasting and discuss pricing.

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